After spending a few weeks studying war poetry and the different ways in which war was perceived before, during and after the First World War, the students of the British English International Section turned their attention to how symbols are made. They then created stained glass panels which symbolise aspects of the Great War and contain related found poems made by the students from poems read in class.

A select jury composed of school librarian, Ms Tournier, history-geography teachers Mr Ollivier and Ms Mongas, and overseen by maths teacher and professeur principal, Mr Moreau, deliberated to select the outstanding panel in three categories.

Best composition was awarded to Loan who created an elegant design with a burning candle.

Best use of colour was awarded to a student who chose to represent Lady Haig’s first poppy factory.

Best story-telling was awarded to Mahé who played with scale to show the dangers of No Man’s Land.

All the panels created by the class are on display in the school library and are particularly eye-catching on a sunny day.