The students in 1e8 recently spent an afternoon with medical practitioner and environmental campaigner, Dr Pinto, who joined us via video link from the United Kingdom. She highlighted the critical situation that the planet is in but she also addressed the way this can make us feel. She left the class richer in facts about the climate crisis. Dr Pinto also suggested many actions that we can do to help.

Climate change is very important – we need to act as quickly as possible to save the world and hope for a better future. We can help in many ways: stop over-consuming, stop wasting food and clothes will help a lot. Going vegan or vegetarian or simply reducing the amount of meat products can help reduce pollution. Recycling is the way to go! – Surya


The interesting facts I discovered highlighted the link between health and ecology: pollution from the pharmaceutical industry as well as how it impacts mental health. We have 7 years to change the way we live – 2030 is the deadline. After that we won’t be able to turn back. The industrial production process for ONE pair of jeans and ONE t-shirt uses the same amount of water as ONE person uses over THRITEEN years. – Salomé