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Nouvel An Chinois

A l’occasion du Nouvel an Chinois, plusieurs activités ont été proposées aux élèves le mercredi 5 février au CDI.

Les élèves ont dans un premier temps participé à divers ateliers : découpage de papier, jeux des baguettes, peinture soufflée, écrire son nom en caractère chinois.

Room To Read

Le mercredi 8 janvier, les élèves de Section internationale Britannique et des élèves de spécialité anglais, ont assisté à la présentation du projet Read-a-thon de l’association Room To Read. Le but de ce projet est de récolter des fonds pour permettre de créer des bibliothèques dans des pays en développement. Pour cela les élèves doivent lire des livres et se faire parrainer pour récolter de l’argent en fonction du nombre de livres lus. Les élèves auront jusqu’au 20 mars pour récolter les fonds.

​Students in the British International Sections with English Speciality students attended a conference on January 8th which presented the Readathon project to raise funds for the charity, Room to Read. The charity’s aim is to fund the creation of school libraries in developing countries. To help the charity, students are going to raise sponsorship money by reading as much as they can and visiting the school library. Students have until 20th March to raise as much money as they can to help Room to Read.


Nouvel an Chinois : Programme du 5 février

Remember Sadako

After researching and debating the reasons for and against nuclear weapons, the students in 2e SI GB decided to make a contribution to the Hiroshima Peace Garden. They used poster guides and video tutorials made by students in 3e at college Georges Seurat to learn how to make origami cranes.

We sent more than 80 cranes to Hiroshima which have been placed in the Children’s Peace Monument.

Tempest Tuesday

The British section students in 1e had a fantastic opportunity to have a two-hour long workshop with the actor, Conor Short, this week.

The workshop focused on The Tempest by Shakespeare. The words on the page were brought to life which will be so useful when the oral exam arrives next year.

To top it all, we had a lot of fun stomping in time to iambic pentameter!

Happy Postcrossing!

The goal of Postcrossing is to allow anyone to send and receive postcards from all over the world!

The idea is simple: for each postcard you send, you will receive one back from a random postcrosser from somewhere in the world.

So far, the British section students have sent cards to Belgium, Belarus, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia and the USA. We have received cards from Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

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