The decision to join an International Section and to sit the exams specific to the Baccalauréat français international (BFI) enables the recognition of bilingual students’ academic achievements as well as their motivation in a demanding programme of study.

International Section students, working towards the BFI, follow:

  • the same subjects leading to the Baccalauréat général: core subjects, specialties, and the possible optional subjects such as a third modern language;
  • additional subjects taught in English which will be evaluated at the end of the terminal cycle and lead to the award of the Baccalauréat français international:
    • the Connaissance du monde module in which the students’ engagement is highlighted by an independent project in partnership with an international body;
    • history and geography;
    • cultural and linguistic reinforcement (literature).

Students in Première who enroll in the International Section prepare the BFI during the two years of the Terminal Cycle. Students in the International Section have 5 additional hours of class per week.

The section welcomes native English speakers and foreign students who have lived in an English speaking countries as well as French students, be they bilingual or bi-national. Students are recruited based on their application forms as well as written and oral evaluations which aim to guarantee that the selected students flourish. The minimum language level to enter the International Section in Seconde is CEFR level B2. The level expected at the end of the Terminal Cycle is CEFR level C1/C2.

Choosing to join an International Section is choosing to follow a demanding academic programme which prepares students for higher education. The BFI Anglais britannique is recognised by UCAS, the UK’s shared admissions service for higher education.

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